I’m Jayde – A photographer with a mind that keeps on ticking, a heart that keeps on loving and a soul that’s constantly feeling and capturing my way through sessions. 

I am a typical introvert until I have my camera in my hand with a sunset making a bee line for that horizon. I then turn into your personal third wheel, capturing the rawness of the moment and creating your art through feeling. I’m big on the little moments during our time together. The moments that light you up from the inside and bring you back to that moment frozen in time.

I’m a true Capricorn type of gal. According to my Zodiac sign, i’m chaotic, a splendid adventure and a creative driven soul. Ruled by the persistent and driven mountain goat. This is reflective in my work. Once I have a vision I just go for it !

Being one of six kids has shaped the photographer I am today, with a passion to capture all the little moments in between. I know that you have come here because you’re a person that believes in the same magic I believe in. We both know that little fingers and tiny toes don’t last forever and all the seasons in your life needs to be documented. Photographs’s are so much more than just photos, they connect you and bring you back to the feeling in that moment. Photographs become family heirlooms that are passed around the lounge-room and become sacred threads in the fabric of your life. Your kids will thank you more for having a session with me. 

 I have always been creative for as long as I remember and with that comes the drive to keep delivering raw, authentic photos, to capture the moments and to relive the feeling.

If you are wanting the unposed season of your life captured than i’m your photographer and we should definitely chat today.