Jamie & Toby

I am so excited to share this day with you and my first ever blog!

Jamie and Toby are high school sweethearts who finally tied the knot in sunny Moulamein. It was a day full of many laughs, a little bit of shopping (at my favourite shop that was conveniently right next door to the hair salon), a last minute ceremony prep, beautiful vows, the most amazing garden that hosted the ceremony AND the reception, a pretty snazzi ute getting blown up (all for the photos right…), a few burs and a wild pool party by the end of it…clothes were optional by this time. All in all this was definitely a wedding to remember from the amazing food and a real backyard wedding vibe surrounded by all Jamie and Toby’s family hanging out on the hay bales soaking up the whole day…and literally soaking wet after the midnight pool party.

Enjoy seeing a snippet of Jamie and Toby’s big day and feel free to share this with your friends and family so they too can see what we got up to.

Oh and by the way lets play a game !!!! See if you can guess who caught the bouquet just by looking at the first picture of the bouquet throwing (the second last picture) try not to cheat and keep scrolling to see ! This was the most wildest bouquet toss I have seen to date !

Second shooter: Cass Michael Photography (thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!)

Caravan bar: @thebondwoodbar

Hair: Paper Scissors Rock – Swan Hill

Makeup: The Beauty Spot – Swan Hill

Catering: The Pantry Shelf – Steph Spinks

Dress: Cinderella’s Bridal World – Mildura


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