First time travelling to America

If you want to keep up with my little travel adventure over here in the states than follow along as i try and upload some blogs about my experience. If you’re wanting to go to the states and have never travelled before either this might just encourage you to go !

I have never really done the whole travelling thing before but have always wanted to do it ! My partner and I run extremely busy lives to the point where I feel I am constantly living just to work. For the past (nearly) 4 years we have been together I have just known him to work. Weekends, weekdays, constant driving from one job to the other. We were meant to go to America last year but it got put off for work. The year before that it was Darwin, but it never happened. We prioritised work. Which is the biggest mistake you can make in life. So this year I booked a photography workshop so that I HAD to come and there was no backing out of it. Tickets + a motorhome were basically booked last minute. So I would strongly suggest just jot a date down. Prioritise it and book it. We ended up booking a rental car for the first couple of days just to get used to the roads over here. Especially when there is 8 lanes one way like below… But it’s really not that bad, a bit of american road rage is all you’ll cop. _DSC4700

Day 1 – We booked a little car but the lady upgraded me to this brand new Jeep Wrangler that they just got in that day just for shits and gigs…how can you turn that down yer ? And off we went to the Death Valley…how pretty does she look. The jeep I mean…Everything is literally dead in the valley. As we were driving through this spot below… the most coolest thing happened ! “what the hell is that?” “Is it a drone?” “ohhh madddd it’s an army jet !!! It was coming right for us along the road so fast and at the last minute it flipped on its side above us and sped off out of site quicker than it came at us.
The Jet lag was finally kicking in. After being on a 15 hour flight and having only 4 hours sleep the day before we left and driving for hours in LA and Death valley we were buggered. So we sought out accommodation. I probably wouldn’t recommend staying in the Death Valley. Accommodation is quite expensive and the food is like its name. I ate what was meant to be a half chook that night for dinner and it set me up for 3 days of food poisoning. Our accommodation was amazing though and we ended up sleeping for 15 hours (which silly me did a tan the night before so i was marinating in Bondi sans for a solid 15 hours straight=not good).

Day 2 – The next day was the day I came down sick with food poisoning… Vomiting in a 45 Degree desert wasn’t my best memory. Thankfully we stopped at a cool little servo so I could stomach a few hot chips. They even had pokie machines in the cafe part !

We then hit vegas where I was feeling slightly better. We booked an Air B&B until Monday until we picked up our motor home. Booking an Air B&B was probably the best thing we did because we had the whole little suite to ourselves and we were able to have a base, whilst we got over the plane ride and time difference.


Day 3 –  We filled the first bit of the morning having a look around vegas. My partner really wanted to go to American Shooters. So lucky him gets to be featured on here…even though he specifically said he didn’t want to be on here (insert laughing emoji).


I really have no interest in guns whatsoever… #diditforthephoto


That afternoon we were booked in with Sundance helicopters for a sunset ride over the Grand Canyon ! By far one of the best experiences out of this whole trip has been that ! Our pilot was this lovely young girl and admittedly we were all like holy shit she looks too young… But go the girls she absolutely killed it and we all had a laugh about it later on about how good she was ! Below are pics of the famous Hoover dam and some pics of the grand canyon. It was slightly hazy so I didn’t get s good of shots I wanted.

Day 4 – We said goodbye to the Jeep which we were a little sad about but how good does this new home look ! This is our home for the next 21 days ! From here we headed out to Zion National Park. Because I hadn’t found any good food as of yet our lovely Uber driver recommended to go to the Black Bear in St George on the way to Zion. The burger was worth the travel !


Make sure you book well ahead of time if you want to stay at Zion national park. We found this little spot near some old sheep yards near a town just outside of Zion! It was actually my favourite spot we have camped at so far ! The view was unreal both sunset and sunrise ! The next blog will be about Zion National Park which is going to be epic !!!


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