Adventure time… 2nd leg of America

Hey guys i’m still here travelling the states. The last week I have just had minimal service… It’s been great to just tune out, but its also been hard as I wasn’t expecting to run out of service so I have had a few unfinished tasks. We have also been in bear country so it would have been nice to have a phone just in case. We did have bear spray though !’s not like mosquito spray. When I told my sister she was Laughing Out Loud. So Tip #1 for this blog is to get a T-mobile sim. When we arrived at the airport there was a little phone shop selling sim cards (I can’t remember what the brand is that I got, but I get bugger all service) and my partner who got a T-mobile sim gets all the service. And tip #2 get bloody bear spray ! It’s worth the $50 (not that we used it but we didn’t exactly get much of a thrill going on hikes knowing that there were grizzly bears about so we have done a lot of drive-hiking (is that even a thing?) > i’ll save this story for my 4th blog.

So where did we finish… Oh that’s right… we were camping at the edge of the Zion National Park where some famous sheep yards are. It was beautiful. We woke up with the sound of nothing. The sun edged its way over the Zion Range, warming the mountain range up. The colours of the Zion Canyons are amazing. Just big (and I mean big) red rocky mountains, always changing colour dependant on the sun. Have I painted a good picture yet?


This has been our cute little home for the last 2 weeks. Its been sooo good. Now there is 2 companies that I would recommend. We were originally going to go with cruise America through our travel agent. But we left it all a bit to late and ended up sourcing this one from this company and they have been really great and pretty good rates too. Oh and make sure you get a shower & toilet. Than you can camp anywhere.


Zion National Park from a distance the night before.


Today we entered the Zion National Park ready to explore ! I honestly had no idea what to expect and it’s actually been one of my favourite places so far for hiking and the view. You really have to experience it just to see how big this place is. We tried to get accommodation but you really need to book ahead during peak times. This has been a bit of a disadvantage of “going with the flow” when travelling. But it has so many bonuses and I would take an un-planned trip any day over a planned trip !


Tip #3 – Now ya’ll (yes as in american ya’ll)…whatever you do, don’t go for looks over comfort when your about to do the narrows hike. A skirt just does not cut it (I did have swimmers on underneath but in some parts we were waist deep in water and I had to either ditch the skirt or put up with a wet skirt). We literally hiked for about 8km through rocks and water EXACTLY like above…(this was a good spot because most of it was about a foot or more deep of water and then in some parts flowing water. I would highly HIGHLY recommend doing it though because it’s actually been one of the best things I have done all holidays ! The scenery was breathtaking. These pictures don’t come anywhere near close to what the scenery was like and how big the canyons were.


Tip #4 – When you get your partner to take a photo make sure you remind him that it’s really important that YOUR in focus… Not the bikini babe in the background (insert rolling eyes here).


Oh k shirts off and i’m in focus…


So this is literally what you walk through for km’s. It’s amazing !



He really wanted a photo in front of these hands so now he gets to be featured on here. Plus it’s a payback for all the blurry photos of me.


Now I did tell you that these mountains/canyons are huge hay ? Do you kinda get the picture of just how big they are yet ?



We met this really cool fella from Santa Fe named Solar ! And turns out his actually pretty handy on the camera.


Can-did ? Also pack sunscreen ! I was so sunburnt #redheadlife #morefrekles


Hike done ! I am definitely investing in some hiking shoes for next time… wet soggy feet for 5 hours was total bliss…


Don’t feed the squirrels… but seriously how cute are they. I had a nectarine that rolled out of my bag and it literally rolled the whole way down the hill on our way home and this little guy came out of nowhere and stole it. You aint seen funny until you see a little squirrel running back up the hill with a huge nectarine.

So that night we ended up going into Ceder City (I think) – Because I broke my camera and wanted it looked at + my partner had a blocked ear so he needed to get that looked at. It was a great little escape into a town to get some good food. Turns out my partner googled a shop that he thought was in Ceder City and it turns out it was over the other side of America (inset rolling eyes here) but at least he got his ear fixed !

The next day we came back out to Zion because I really wanted to hike Angels Landing – rated one of the most dangerous hikes in the world. Zion National Park class it as “strenuous” & “not suitable for the elderly or children. I really don’t think they could emphasise this fact enough !!! It’s a hike up a 1488ft mountain and when you get close to the top you have to use chains to hold onto, as you hike up to the top. It is extremely dangerous and personally I think they should put a limit on the amount of people allowed to hike there at once, because there are people everywhere and only one chain to hold onto. So people coming up or down have to share…one slip and you fall and ill let you work out what happens to you if you do fall. I don’t really have that many photos from it because it was so dangerous and I honestly wish I never lugged my 3.5kg camera up there !


Owl ya’ll doin ? sorry i’ve literally waited all week to put this photo up… #dadjoke


So that part there is where you have to hold onto chains etc to hike to the top. See what I mean ? One slip and you are gone. It is not somewhere I would be taking kids personally as you have to hold onto them. So if your prepared to lug your weight plus your child’s and know that they wont muck around, than go for it !


At the top contemplating the massive hike up and knowing that I have to do it all again to get back to the bottom.

Tip #5 it took us about 6 hours to do this hike. Little to no sunscreen and only 700ml’s of water each…Use your brains and just pack more than we did ! (plus my partner “accidentally” drank my water thinking it was his bottle so little old me nursed a little headache the rest of the night !


So when we got back down we decided to strip off and have a swim in this river to rehydrate ! So that mountain that you’re looking at is Angels Landing !


On the drive back to camp I finally spotted some mountain goats ! I got out of the van to walk up the road to get closer picture. Soon remembered I was in mountain lion territory so that was a definite no go zone and got back in the van.


The last shot of Zion I took… We camped at Hi-ground campground (i think). I do recommend staying here because you get free wifi !

On route to monument valley… Yay. Yay. Yay ! I have to save this for my next blog because there is just sooo many photos to share !

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Love and sunsets

Jayde x

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