Why you should consider having a Portrait session with your bump.

I can’t say “I get it” because i’ve never had a gorgeous glowy bump before so I really don’t “get it” but what I do get is lots of mumma’s to be or mums who are expecting again say “I don’t feel comfortable enough” “I don’t look like that” “I’m definitely not glowing” and the list goes on…HOWEVER, when I finally convince them otherwise and they receive their photos what they do get is pure shock on just how good they really do look and they are so thankful I pushed them to do it. You see…mumma bear, you don’t see what I see. Let me show you what I see through my lens.

Which is why I am now officially offering “Maternity Portraits” as part of my services to you. But what’s different about these from normal maternity sessions you may be thinking… Maternity portraits are all about you and your bump, as opposed to maternity sessions where a partner/family is involved and its more like a normal session. I will help style you and your bump with clothing and pieces. Free hire of my maternity wardrobe. These sessions require a bit more time & creativity because we will talk over different ideas and things you might like. I have access to florists who we can also connect with, to create gorgeous floral pieces. With these sessions you receive 3 different edits. My normal edit + a grainy edit + a B/W grainy edit. So they look and feel timeless, artistic, and have a film type look.

On the blog is the beautiful Rose…who really is glowing… I went past this leftover oats crop the other day whilst I was taking the dogs for a run up the paddock. I knew she was expecting so I raced home to message her straight away to see if she would be up for getting a bit creative with me out in the paddock on sunset. I pulled out this beautiful Coven & Co dress with a Will and Bear hat and we were set for the afternoon. During this session my partner was also bringing in a mob of sheep for shearing so it really was all systems go as there were utes, quads, sheep and even cute little lambs surrounding us in the oats crop as the sun was going down. After the session we were lucky enough to head out onto the laneway to watch the sheep head towards the shearing shed. The little lambies came up to Rose for a play particularly this one little lamb that we of course had to get a photo with. The sunset was everything we were hoping for as it set over the leftover oats crop. I can’t wait for this little baby to come earth side so we can see who has been tucked away in that tummy all this time.

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